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The Technical Service Retirees Association (T.S.R.A.) was formed in 1983 by a group of retired U.S. Government officials who had, at one point in their career, belonged to the Office of Technical Service, or its predecessor offices, the Technical Services Division (T.S.D.) or the Technical Services Staff (T.S.S.). These individuals felt it would be worthwhile to maintain a level of organized social contact with former colleagues. T.S.R.A. is a purely social organization and normally meets twice a year for luncheons and reunions at one of the military officers clubs or at a local fraternal organization in the D.C. area. These luncheons are scheduled in the Spring and Fall. Membership is based on past work experience. One must have served some portion of their career in OTS (or one of its predecessor organizations: TSD or TSS) or served in some other organization providing technical support and must have left U.S. Government service. Membership is also open to those who serve or served as non-staff or detailees to organizations providing this technical support. In addition the widow or widower of such an employee is eligible for membership. Yearly dues of $10.00 covers the cost of putting out a newsletter, donating to a designated memorial organization when a member passes away, and other such worthwhile purposes. Membership is greater than 450.
If you are not a member we sincerely invite you to join us and travel down memory lane a couple of times a year.

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